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 This is critical!

Exercise your responsibility as a citizen of the USA and contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know how you feel about issues.  Address and switchboard phone numbers are below. 


U.S. Senate- Washington, D.C. 20510  (202) 224-3121

U.S. House of Representatives- Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 224-3121

What's New:

4/20/10: It is our duty to protect our freedom-Act now!

4/5/10: How much of a fraud is Obama?

3/22/10: This is a dark day in the USA

3/11/10: Obama-Care Bill

3/7/10: Obama-Care

03/01/10: We have much work to do

2/19/10: Dr. Charles Krauthammer's view of Obama

2/11/10; Connecting Obama's DOTS...

02/05/10: Obama, master of deceit

1/25/10: Three Shots Across Obama's Bow

1/20/10: Western World in decline.

01/13/10: Action for Freedom, Urgent! 

01/13/10: 2010 Predictions. 

12/4/09: Political Correctness

10/15/09: Obama's drive for " World Government".

9/23/09: Shouldn't Obama be impeached? 

9/17/09: Obama is truly a liar, why not call him one

09/16/09: Join the Anti-Obama Revolution

9/11/09: Obama Scares me.

09/02/09:$9,000,000,000,000 additional federal deficit over 10 years

8/20/09: The quiet revolution is working

8/12/09: Obama is calling out his thugs

8/05/09:Obama,Chicago Thug mentality

7/27/09: Again, Obama's true colors shine through

7/20/09: King Obama's healthcare disaster

7/16/09: Obama's agenda will hurt the poor

7/16/09: Obama,moving fast and reckless down the path to socialism

6/18/09: Wake up silent majority

05/05/09: Bumper Stickers Available

4/24/09: What's Obama's problem

4/20/09: Tea Parties

4/16/09: Obama,driving me crazy

4/13/09: Become active in the Anti-Obamaism Revolution

04/08/09: Illegal Immigrants causing major negative impact on our society

04/02/09: Action for Freedom

3/25/09: After 60 days, we know Obama's agenda

3/24/09: Obama, a master of deception

3/19/09: Tax Payers revolt- A Modern American Tea Party

3/17/09: Obama has the wrong focus

3/10/09: A small crack in Obama's armor

03/06/09: Obama, making a bad situation worse, not better

02/26/09: Obama's Trojan Horse- The Anti-Stimulus Bill

02/25/09: Looking for good news to no avail

02/12/09: Obama is running amuck!

02/10/09: Obama is lying to the American People

02/10/09: Obama will reward the Unions big time

02/05/09: 20 Million more votes for Obama

02/05/09: Socialize Medicine, Obama's Vehicle to Socialism

02/04/09: Are there any honest Democrats left?

02/02/09: Notable quotes from the Obama team

01/30/09:  Obama hits the ground running

01/19/09: Obama has lowered the bar

01/12/09: Obama's Anti-Stimulus Package

01/07/09: "Ceasefire"- What a joke!

01/02/09: Can Hillary Clinton be unbiased

12/31/08: How time flies- Goodbye'08, Hello "09

12/22/08: Over 2,000 years ago

12/15/08: The apple never falls far from the tree

12/10/08: The season to count our blessings

12/07/08: Republican Party-New " Contract with America"

12/04/08: The biggest Tax Payer Rip-off in History

12/04/08: It really bothers me-Part II

11/28/08: Muslim Terrorism vs. Obama

11/28/08: Obama changes with the wind

11/24/08: It really bothers me

11/19/08: Era of White Guilt is Over

11/18/08: " Bailout" a modern word of Socialism

11/17/08: Bailout of Automobile Companies

11/13/08: Bitter old Man

11/11/08: Conservatives, get fired up

11/11/08: Fanning the Fire of Prejudice

11/10/08: Healing after the election

11/07/08: Pray and prepare to fight

11/05/08: The socialist Media did it

10/31/08: Obama is Fraud

10/31/08: Get organized and Proactive

10/29/08: Obama out spending McCain by 10 to1

10/29/08: Obama is buying votes

10/29/08: Obama talks like a Marxist

10/22/08: The Goose the Laid the Golden Egg

10/21/08: Kick in the Fannie

10/21/08: What's new today

10/21/08: Obama and Friends

10/21/08: Stealing the Election

10/01/08: ACORN Group

9/30/08: A Letter to Gullible Misinformed Americas has been posted.  A Portrait of Barack Husseen Obama has been added, as well as a Portrait of John McCain.